Posted on by Bonnin Gimenez

Feeding your Inner Artist: Adult Coloring Kits and Where to Find Them

Adult coloring books have recently gained popularity. Coloring books might seem that complicated to do, coloring between the lines. But people found their interest in coloring books because it is one way to relieve stress and became their hobby to express their taste of creativity.

Gloria Martínez Ayala, a psychologist said, “brings out our imagination and takes us back to our childhood, a period in which we most certainly had a lot less stress.”

What if you could actually color not just your coloring book but your favorite daily items as well. Coloring book companies introduced new avenues for coloring enthusiasts to showcase their “masterpiece”. Hence, the adult coloring collection featuring adult coloring pages but this time they have taken the form of coffee mugs, picture frames, blocks and big letters, iPhone cases, magnets and many more.

Check out our list below and start feeding your inner artist.

Not just for keeping small items, paper clips, your tiny pieces of jewelry or a living room centerpiece. You can personalize this trinket tray with your very own choice of colors.


A great gift item for the people who are always on-the-go. Get your coloring markers and personalize your very own “I am not a paper cup” ceramic travel mug with a flexible silicon handle to keep your drinks from spilling.

Perfect for saving your precious moments. Make your still photos come alive with colors on your very own picture frame.

Make your notes and reminders more attractive to check with coloring fridge magnets to fridge or file cabinet.

These adult coloring collections are surely best for your coloring interest. You can’t just see the product of your creativity but use it daily as well. Don’t miss the chance to get these cute collectibles. More coloring materials with intricate designs are available at DCI.